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People who suffer serious on-the-job injuries typically have questions about what will happen next, who they can turn to for help and how they can get the care they need. The answers to these questions depend upon each person’s specific injuries and specific situation. Help is available, however, and you can get the information you need by speaking to Hank Barnett, a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney with more than 30 years of experience.

Your initial consultation is free and you may contact The Barnett Law Firm online to schedule an appointment. You may also call our firm at 404-378-1711 or toll free at 800-786-8851 to discuss your situation.

  FAQ - Worker's Compensation Claims

So, what is the Georgia’s workers’ compensation system? Is your injury covered? These are the most common questions we receive when discussing work-related injuries with clients.

Workers’ compensation law requires most employers to provide employees with benefits following an injury that was sustained during the course of their employment. Employers carry insurance to compensate injured workers regardless of fault. However, the workers’ compensation system is very complicated, especially for someone with little to no experience filing claims or appealing a denial of benefits.

The Barnett Law Firm is ready to discuss your situation at any time. Please feel free to read through other common issues and additional information we address before your meeting with our firm:

Information about the workers’ comp system
Who are the players involved in the workers’ comp process?
Why can I not file a personal injury claim?
Who is subject to workers’ comp laws?
What benefits might I receive?
Am I eligible for benefits and will I qualify?
What medical care can I receive?
What if I lost a loved one in a work-related accident?
Does the employer have any defenses to prevent me from receiving benefits?
Can I choose my doctor?
What are the filing and notice requirements?
What if drug use was involved in my injury?

Take the first step toward protecting your rights. 
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