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  Results - What Is My Workers' Compensation Claim Worth ?

One of the questions that always arises when a prospective client first contacts our office is how much money they will receive from their workers' compensation claims.  The reality is that the amount is different for every case and it depends on a wide variety of factors.  Mr. Barnett is well known for achieving maximum settlements for his clients and by looking at some of those cases you may be able to get a sense of what your claim might be worth. 

Below you will find a representative sample of prior cases that he has handled.  For a more detailed analysis of your own case, please contact our office for your free initial workers' compensation consultation.

Representative Sample of Prior Cases
Dementia caused by cumulative exposure to workplace toxins
RSD-Catastrophic Injury-Liability Settlement-$175,000.00
plus future medical care fund over $550,000.00.
Over several years obtained catastrophic designation for claimant,
treatment with physician and psychologist of her choosing. 
Also obtained Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare coverage.
Occupational Disease-Asbestosis
Award of medical care and benefits totaling over $350,000.00

and widow remains on weekly benefits.  Attorney fees are paid by Insurer rather
than client due to finding of unreasonable defense.
“Soft Tissue/Back Injury”-Liability Settlement-$160,000.00
plus future medical care fund.
Obtained “catastrophic injury” designation for client.
Cervical Injury-Liability Settlement-$125,000.00
Plus future medical care fund.
Also obtained Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare coverage.

Georgia Workers' Compensation
Attorney Hank Barnett

We can represent you if you have:

  • Been injured at work and are just beginning the process

  • Already had your initial claim denied

  • Suffered a permanent disability from a work-related injury

  • Had a family member involved in a fatal workplace accident

  • Contracted a workplace or occupational disease

  • Have a psychological disorder due to your workplace injury



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