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  Workers Compensation Overview

Workplace Accidents and Injuries in Georgia

Accidents and injuries occur frequently in workplaces and job sites across Georgia and around the country. Workers’ compensation is a system that is set up to provide for the needs of workplace accident victims and their families. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation can be very complicated and the rights of injured workers are not always protected.

At the Barnett Law Firm, we assist clients in Georgia with all aspects of their workers’ comp claims. We will ensure you receive the medical care necessary to get better and return to work, and the money benefits to which you are entitled. Attorney Hank Barnett will deal with the insurance company and litigate any claims that have been denied.

Work Injury Claims and Benefits

Our firm is devoted to handling workers’ compensation claims for injured employees in Georgia, including:

While accidents and injuries can occur on any job site, there are some industries that see more frequent incidents than others. This includes construction workers, professional and commercial drivers, hospital workers and nurses, industrial and manufacturing workers, white collar workers and airport and airline workers.

Common Injuries in Workplace Accidents

The injuries that result from workplace accidents can vary widely, but any injury that keeps you from working is serious and can have an impact on your life. The injury could aggravate a pre-existing condition, be caused by a sudden accident or result from years of repetitive motion, such as in an assembly line job. Common workplace injuries include:

Additionally, these physical injuries can lead to psychological disorders, including PTSD (post- traumatic stress disorder).

Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits for these injuries is crucial in order to ensure that you receive the medical treatment that you need. At the Barnett Law Firm, we work with medical professionals to understand your injuries and to help you present your claim in an effective manner.




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