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OSHA threatens fine after film crew member death

After a camera assistant was killed during the filming of a Gregg Allman biopic in Georgia called 'Midnight Rider," the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted an investigation and recently announced its findings. The female worker died in February after being struck by a train while helping to film a scene on a railroad track. Eight other workers suffered injuries during the workplace accident.

New federal law aims to protect utility workers

Electric utility workers in Georgia and other states across the nation may soon have their activities regulated by a new federal law designed to reduce the number of fall-related workplace accidents and fatalities that occur each year. According to reports, electric and cellphone service providers commonly permit their lineworkers to climb to the top of tall towers without using safety harnesses, a practice known as "free climbing." While some firms have put a halt to the practice, the government will crack down on those that continue to employ such methods after April 2015.

Worker injured in industrial accident

An industrial accident in a Georgia town sent one worker to the hospital and affected a nearby apartment complex. Official reports show that the accident occurred on the morning of July 7 at a chemical plant in Dalton. A worker was adding a chemical to a tank when there was a reaction that resulted in the development of a vapor. The employee closed the lid on the tank, but some of the vapor still escaped, and he inhaled the substance.

Variety of OSHA penalties, fines for Atlanta employer

Whenever an Atlanta employer is inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a variety of citations can result if safety is not a consistent priority. Even worse, an equally diverse number of workplace accidents can take place due to the same root cause. An inspection of American Air Filter Co. Inc., which began last August, has culminated in multiple different citations for the manufacturer.

OSHA's new reporting system aims to reduce workplace accidents

Almost every industry in Georgia experiences workplace accidents, and nearly all fields have come up with various ways to combat the incidences of damaging accidents. Frequently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is involved in efforts to increase safety in the workplace.

GA employer fined for increased risk of workplace accidents

As a diverse city with a growing international flair, Atlanta is home to all different sorts of culinary delights. While many residents indulge in ethnic food, few expect to be injured by it. However, for plant workers who make, package or distribute such delights, the threat of a workplace accident is never out of the question.

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